Engineering World Health at Northwestern offers a wide variety of activities to get involved in.

Build Sessions

Build sessions provide an opportunity for undergraduate students to develop their technical skills, work with other undergraduate students, and build life saving devices. During spring quarter 209, students in EWH succeeded in building 15 defibrillator test kits which were then sent to the national headquarters at Duke, and then sent on to developing countries

Repair Sessions

Repair sessions provide an opportunity for undergraduate students to apply their technical skills, work with undergraduate and graduate students, and apply their analytical problem solving skills.

Design Sessions

More information on the design for "Projects that Matter" to come soon. To learn more about EWH Design, visit the national website at

Alumni Repair Session - February 13,2010

Sponsored by the Northwestern Alumni Association, we will be holding repair sessions that include alumni who currently work in biomedical engineering companies. The alumni will talk briefly about their current work and their experience at Northwestern and then will join the student members in the repair session.

High School Outreach Program

This program is designed to teach local high school students both engineering and global health through a hands-on activity. Using the build kits described above, students will learn about engineering through using techniques such as soldering. Simultaneously, students will learn about the global health movement as they will be creating a device that will be sent to the developing world. The outreach program also includes a presentation on the global health.

TriMedX Shadowing Program

A volunteer group of biomedical engineers assess and repair a large amount of Mission Outreach's equipment quarterly. In order to have more efficient repair sessions on campus, a select group of our students have the opportunity to travel to Indiana during one of these sessions to learn from these biomedical engineers.